Jack Dollars earned by consumers could be banked at the online Auction House and used to bid on memorabilia and experiences.

Jack fans earned Jack Dollars by purchasing the brand at both off and on-consumption venues and participating with the brand in online and offline promotions.

The campaign included the world’s first ‘Twitter tasting’ conceptualized by iKineo and conducted by Jack Daniels Master Distiller Jeff Arnett.

Jack Daniel’s Auction House


iKineo developed and managed the CRM programme for this leading spirit brand in South Africa, and developed the Auction House loyalty extension of the main programme. The challenge was to create a measurable loyalty currency that functioned across on-consumption and off-consumption venues & online, mobile, event and activation touchpoints; and a programme that cost-effectively leveraged existing brand assets.


iKineo conceptualised, developed, and managed the Jack Daniel’s Auction House. Jack fans could earn Jack Dollars by purchasing the brand at off and on-consumption venues, and participating with the brand online, and in offline promotions. Each uniquely coded dollar could be banked at the Auction House (web and mobi), and used to bid at weekly and monthly auctions for Jack memorabilia and experiences. Dollars could also be used to enter monthly prize draws. Each participating consumers spend, channel usage, and bid preference could be tracked, and the effectiveness of promotions and channels on and off-line could be measured.


Over 50% of Jack Fans actively participated in the Auction, and usage grew exponentially month on month. The programme was the winner of the 2010 Gold for CRM & Loyalty at the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa’s annual industry awards. The programme also received an Assegai for Integrated Marketing. It is has also acknowledged as a global model by Jack Daniel’s and has been earmarked for multiple country roll out.